100% Free Binary Autotrading Bot For Deriv.com And Binary.com

Interested in automating your trading binary options? Our Free Binary Bot is a leading-edge tool which allows you to trade without experience and earn good income on platforms like binary.com and deriv.com. As we all know Smart traders always use bots as core parts of their trading for years to maximize profit.Trading with a reliable and sustainable bot is one of those high-payoff activities that is just plains crazy not to do.

The bot can be used to trade the Volatility Indexes on the deriv.com and Binary.com platform.


Placing Trades in automated mode with a well programmed and sophisticated trading bot help Traders both professionals and newbie who has no trading experience feel relaxed without going through possible stress of trade timing, when to enter the market,
when to stop, loss control, chart reading, with this Binary Autotrading Bot for binary.com and deriv.com traders,everything is done in automated mode.


  • Automated Trade delay
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Automated Purchase Order price
  • UseHourTrade
  • Play run /stop = YES
  • Perfect trading bot for Newbie
  • Guaranteed Earnings


  1. free Binary autotrading trading bot for deriv.com and binary.com,

2. setup guide


How does the bot works ?-it is fully automated!

What is the minimum balance to trade ?– you can trade with as low as 5usd ,however, the bot is set to stake random /fixed amount which wont exceed 10usd as entry price, this can be changed manually as shownin the video which will be sent to buyers!

Does the bot expires?– No ,the bot does not expire,we will also send updates to all buyers anytime the bot is updated!Can it be run on different accounts?– Yes

Can it run on mobile phones?– it can run on mobile phones, however it is not advised to trade forex binary options stocks on mobile devices because if their is any notifications like calls sms which distrupt data network,traders will incur loses. so you a laptop or desktop to trade!

If the bot incur loss after some trades how can i recover? – if the bot is run effectively and run at the right time with mimimal trades each hour,it will continue to break even!


To download freely Simply subscribe Freely to the youtube link below at the bottom of this page after which the download link will be UNLOCKED!